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The backbone of any home is its structure. Foundation walls, footings, floors, roof framing, and interior walls form this backbone. Although these do not interest many property owners, a weak point in any of these areas can lead to movement, cracks, and other forms of distress. That’s why a regular evaluation of these components is very important.

Essentially, the best exterior and interior finishes will be disappointing if a property doesn’t have a sound structure. Even when a property has a properly built structure, poor maintenance, weathering, subsurface and groundwater movement, storm and ageing events can cause structural problems. A minor movement or crack can be a sign of a major structural problem. That’s why it’s reasonable to schedule a structural inspection on a regular basis.


As part of a TrueView Home Inspections a structural property inspections 


The purpose of this inspection is basically to provide useful advice when buying a property or when interested in knowing the condition of a property’s structure. Our inspection is mainly focused on major defects such as unsupported elements in the roof, wall problems, and other structural issues like a weakened chimney.


In most cases, people schedule this inspection when they want to buy a property. That’s because they want to be certain that the property has a good structure before they make a bid. Nevertheless, we provide a personalized structural building inspection. That’s because we know that you might need this inspection for varying reasons.

Here are some of the circumstances under which you may schedule this inspection:

  • When you want to assess the overall condition of the timber stumps and subfloor structure.

  • When you want to assess a property for pest infestation and structural damage that they may have caused.

  • When you want to assess a structure for damage that may have occurred due to water damage, impact damage, or general deterioration.


Our inspection service is mainly designed to give comprehensive advice on the overall structural integrity of a building. That’s why we have designed our service in a way that suits different circumstances.


Just like our other services, this inspection entails checking the exterior and interior structures of a property thoroughly including the property site. We also inspect the roof, sub-floor, and roof space where applicable and safe. Basically, our inspection is designed to cater to the specific needs of the property owner.


Here are some of the things that our inspectors look for:

  • Cracks on the foundation wall, movement or settlement

  • Framing movement and interior cracking

  • Insect damage

  • Damaged and undersized framing 

  • Soil concerns and sinkholes

  • Wall movement due to the wind and other causes

  • Roof failures

  • Signs of water, fire, and other forms of damage


If you have noticed signs of structural damage, get in touch with us now to schedule your Home inspection in Winnipeg today!