Roof Inspection Winnipeg

The roofing system of your property is the first defence line against environmental elements. It’s also a major investment that you have probably made in your property. But, without proper maintenance, this system will be damaged by external elements and ruin the overall appeal of your property. A damaged roof is also a risk to the occupants of the property. In most cases, roofing systems develop problems over time. Such problems include blow offs, leaks, tenting, and billowing, among others. And, it’s only through an inspection that such issues are identified and addressed. Essentially, the roofing system of your property needs regular inspections and maintenance to stay in a premium condition.


Our roof inspection service

TrueView Home Inspections is a professional roof inspection service in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide comprehensive checks of the roofing systems of our clients through regular, pre-scheduled visits. On inspecting your roof, we provide a detailed report that enables you to forecast a repair and maintenance budget. We also provide recommendations on the most appropriate proactive measures to take. That means we help you ward off possible roofing issues while minimizing repair costs.

Comprehensive inspection

Our skilled and certified roof inspectors check the entire roofing system of your property. They inspect, evaluate, analyze, and recommend appropriate measures for rectifying potential roofing issues. We help you in the management of the roof maintenance cost and compliance with the warranty of the manufacturer. Our inspection service covers all types of residential properties. We ensure ultimate satisfaction of every client by meeting the highest service quality. Since we are not affiliated to any contractor or manufacturer, we provide honest and straightforward opinions of the roofing systems of our clients.


Schedule your inspection now

Do you suspect that the roofing system of your house has been damaged by external elements? Are you selling or buying a home? Nobody likes bad surprises. That’s why you should call us now to get an estimate for your inspection. You just need to share details like your address and phone number and we will schedule a Winnipeg roof inspection as soon as possible.