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Radon testing

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1. Choose the Rooms to Test


Health Canada recommends you test the lowest level of the building, with ground contact, that is frequently used. Test in a room used for living space, or as a classroom, office, laboratory, cafeteria, library, gymnasium or auditorium. Do not test in a kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, crawl space, furnace room, hallway, elevator shaft, stairwell or closet. 


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2. Start the Radon Test


a. Start your test before the expiration date shown on the device or test results will be invalid.

b. When you are ready to start the test, cut or tear open the sealed bag that contains the black device. As soon as you open the bag the device is “on” and the test has begun. - Reminder: for a blank test, do not open the bag.

c. Do not remove the VOID sticker or open the black plastic housing or results will be invalid. Do not remove the two stickers on top of the dosimeter.

d. Write the test Start Date on the Datasheet.

3. Place the Radon Devices


The preferred dosimeter location is by an interior wall at a height of 0.8 m to 2 m (3 to 6.5 ft) from the floor in the typical breathing zone, however, at least 50 cm (20 in) from the ceiling and 20 cm (8 in) from other objects so as to allow normal airflow around the dosimeter. Dosimeter should be placed approximately 40 cm (16 in) from an interior wall or approximately 50 cm (20 in) from an exterior wall.  You can hang or place face up or face down the dosimeter. Leave each device in place and undisturbed for at least 91 days and up to one year.

4. Return the Device with Datasheets to the Laboratory As Soon As Possible

Make sure the Datasheet is complete and keep a copy. Place devise with the matching datasheet in a plastic “Ziplock” bag.

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Send the bagged devices and datasheets to the lab. Test devices must be sent directly to the laboratory of AccuStar Labs located in Massachusetts, U.S.A. and NOT to


IMPORTANT: To avoid issues with your report, the laboratory should receive the devices within 30 days of the test end date. If your devices are not received within 60 days, your test will be invalid.

AccuStar typically sends basic Reports via email within few weeks after we receive your devices. You may access to your test results on our website

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