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Plumbing Inspections Winnipeg

Many people don’t give the plumbing systems of their properties much attention until they develop problems. In fact, many people are concerned about these systems when a toilet needs repair or when a kitchen faucet has a problem. But, that’s not good because many plumbing problems are easy to detect and fix with regular inspections.

TrueView has licensed home inspectors that provide professional plumbing inspection in Winnipeg, Steinbach and various other regions of Manitoba. Our experts will detect leaks in the plumbing system of your home and gas lines and recommend the most appropriate solutions. We look for warning signs or minor things that may become serious problems in the future. We also check your property for underground leaks that are notorious for causing the foundation of a building to crack or shift.

A plumbing system inspection varies depending on the needs of a property and its owner. These two determine the price of our inspection service too. Nevertheless, our service guarantees you an in-depth inspection that is done by licensed and trained inspectors. We provide an inspection that enables you to determine the status of your plumbing system and repairs that might be necessary. We also communicate honestly and openly with our clients. Our goal is to provide the most accurate inspections at reasonable prices.

We cover parts of the plumbing system that property owners specify.

Nevertheless, some of the major parts of this system that we check include:

  • Water heater

  • Kitchen and bathroom

  • Toilets and faucets

  • Piping and exposed gas and water lines

  • Washing machine

  • Drains


We assess all problem areas of plumbing systems. If you have questions regarding the plumbing system, our inspectors will answer them. Our technicians will assess leaks, water purification issues, water pressure, and hot water issues and recommend solutions. We want to help you maintain a properly working drainage and plumbing system in your property.

Call us now to schedule an inspection of your plumbing system with experienced specialists!

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