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Home Inspections Niverville MB

Buying a home is one of the major investments that many people make in their lifetime. It’s therefore reasonable to have a home that you want to buy inspected so that you can make a more informed decision. TrueView Home Inspections also provides comprehensive home inspections in Niverville, Manitoba. Our services are provided by highly competent inspectors that have been in the industry for years.

Our inspection is basically a visual evaluation of a home.

It entails:

  • Assessing the home condition

  • Identifying non performing components

  • Describing items that are almost becoming obsolete or non-functional

  • Including the estimated repair costs

  • Setting out recommendations and maintenance tips that enables you to protect your home investment


A complete residential property inspection is very important for any home. Protect your investment and yourself by getting information that enables you to make the right move.

Whether you want to know the status of your home, sell or buy a home, working with the right home inspectors is very important.


Here are some of the reasons to choose our Niverville inspection services:

  • Industry leaders - Our team comprises of highly experienced home inspectors. We have inspected many homes in the region and ensured ultimate satisfaction for our clients.

  • Well-trained and reputable - Our inspectors have undergone thorough training. We also have an ongoing in-depth training program for our inspectors. This has made us the most reputable residential inspection service in Niverville, MB.

  • Easy to read, clear reports - Once we complete an inspection, we draft a clear report that explains what should be known about a home in an easy to read and clear manner. We include photos of the identified problem areas and provide recommendations on how they should be fixed if possible.

  • Availability - Our inspectors are always available and you can schedule your residential inspection with us any time. Our staff is friendly and professional. We will be glad to inspect your home and provide long-term support. Our goal is to establish a long-term working relationship with you.


We provide our residential inspection service to buyers, new homeowners, sellers, and technical auditors. We have the necessary training, tools, and expertise to inspect your residential property and provide a detailed report. Trust us to unearth any issue in your property and provide appropriate recommendations.

Do you want to know the condition of the foundation of your property? Are you afraid that your drainage, plumbing, or electrical system might have issues? Then talk to us today. TrueView Home Inspections provides thorough inspections that identify issues in these and other areas. Our inspections cover the attic, roof, furnace, insulation, plumbing, drainage, and garage among other areas of a residential property.

Once you schedule an inspection with us, our inspectors will check every system in your property to ensure that your home is safe. We answer all questions that you may have regarding your property.

Call us now to schedule the best of the home inspection companies in Niverville!

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