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Home Inspection Service Winnipeg

What do property inspectors look for? The most common contingency to a real estate transaction is the home inspection.


A certified house inspector’s report is often the deciding factor to move forward with a purchase and can be used to renegotiate the sale price or allow sellers to make repairs. Items typically examined in residential home inspections include:


Structural Components - Including the roof, foundation, and attic space.


Exterior - Items like broken seals on windows, damaged tread steps, or decking and settlement cracks that may require a professional to resolve.


Roofing - Shingle and tiles are closely examined as well as the flashing to make sure they are intact.


Electrical - A sample of electrical components are tested to make sure they fit and operate within safety standards.


Heating and Air Conditioning - The entire A/C system and the heating units are tested to make sure they work correctly.


Insulation and Ventilation - The condition of the attic insulation and vapour deterrents are added to the inspection report as well as all venting fans that aren’t functioning. Under-floor insulation will also be examined if it’s accessible.


Interiors -Door's, the flooring, stairways, countertops, cabinets, and windows are inspected and defects are listed on the report.



Insurance Requirement - Some companies will not insure a home if certain conditions are found and not dealt with, or without some certain certifications.  Qualified professional home inspectors can accomplish these items during the standard home inspection service, saving the home buyer time and money later.


Winnipeg Home Inspection Service Will Help Make Sure Your Investment Is a Sound One


Building a new home?  Since new builds are required to pass a municipal inspection and come with a warranty, a new home inspection may not seem necessary. Many people believe that because they are buying a new home it won’t need an inspection. This can end up being a mistake.


While many people purchase a new home without any issue, more suffer from problems that can be prevented with a new home construction inspector. Building a new home is a complex process involving many people.  Many of today's construction workers have only basic training and work under little to no supervision. Because of the complexity, it is almost impossible to complete a home without missing something.


A new home inspection is a good way to double check that the builder is providing you with the best quality service, labour, and materials so you won’t have to deal with them later.


A typical home inspection is usually completed in a few hours, depending on the size and condition of the house. This time can be a valuable resource though, and not just because of the report that follows. A home inspector is a great source of information. He or she can offer ideas on long-term home maintenance that may save you thousands over time. A good home inspection service in Winnipeg can be used to understand as much as possible about what could become the biggest purchase of your life, your forever home.

Powerful tool that helps sell your home quickly and easily.  Everyone knows the condition of the home up front, resulting in fair pricing, no last minute surprises, and more comfortable buyers.

first time home owners inspection

 Did you fall in love with staging furniture?  Never owned a home and not to sure what to expect? This is for you.

DIY pre-listing inspection

Looking for that extra edge to sell your house privately? This is the inspection Package for you!!



 Provides a TrueView of the condition of the home, and helps you make an informed decision. Knowledge is power!

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