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Gutters & Drainage Inspection Winnipeg

Gutters form a very important part of the drainage system of a property. They are the long channels that usually hang from the eaves while connecting to the downspouts. Their purpose is to ease the movement of melting snow and rainwater from the building. Gutters can be made of different materials including aluminum, copper, PVC, and galvanized steel. Without properly functioning gutters, rainwater accumulates near the foundation of a property. This compromises the foundation because it affects drainage by allowing water to easily seep into the walls and basement of a property. That’s why you need to schedule a gutters and drainage inspection appointment on a regular basis.

At TrueView Home Inspections, we know the importance of properly functioning gutters and a sound drainage system around a building. Ideally, the drainage around your building structure should not have issues that cause water to stagnate next or close to its foundation. That’s because water accumulation near a property can weaken the foundation and cause other structural problems.

Our inspection service entails evaluating areas that surround a building and blockages in the gutters. Clogged gutters cause backing up and overflowing of water under the eaves. Stagnant water around your home can also be an ideal ground for mosquitoes to breed around your home. Our goal is to identify signs of these problems in the gutters and overall drainage system in your property. Keeping the gutters clean and ensuring good drainage around your home is a sure way to maintain the structural integrity of your property. Nevertheless, even with proper maintenance, your gutters and drainage system can have issues. That’s why you should schedule regular home inspections with us.

We use guided cameras and sophisticated binoculars to inspect the drainage features and gutters of your building. This combined with the skills and vast experience of our inspectors enables us to provide the most comprehensive and efficient inspections. We also provide a comprehensive report on the state of the gutters and drainage around a property and make recommendations. This enables you to determine the most appropriate action to take.  

Call us now to schedule an inspection of the gutters and drainage of your property!

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