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New Home Inspections Winnipeg

Buying a new home is the dream of many people. However, the process is filled with stress and emotions. That’s because no buyer wants to end up with a bad home. Fortunately, brand new home inspections reduce the risk of this large investment substantially. Generally, it makes sense to learn about a new home as much as possible before you sign off anything. Remember that home building is a complex endeavor. Many constructions involve numerous people that are split up into groups under sub-contractors. Each sub-contractor works on different systems and parts of a house. Therefore, quality and standards of different systems and parts of a new home vary.

Our inspection for new homes

A new home comes with a warranty and it should not have tear and wear. At TrueView Home Inspections, we evaluate new homes against the latest building practices. We also consider the used materials and the employed workmanship. We provide a comprehensive inspection that covers different home components. Every aspect of the inspection process adheres to the highest professional standard practices. We ensure that any material or workman issue that may affect the look or performance of a new home is examined professionally and thoroughly. Additionally, we evaluate a home against the guidelines of construction performance.


Comprehensive inspection report

We inspect new homes thoroughly and come up with a detailed report. That’s because our goal is to ensure that every client gets a home of the highest quality possible. Our inspection report highlights issues that need addressing. We deliver a report that is concise and straight to the point. We include incomplete, missing, damaged, inaccessible, and items that are not operating or functioning properly in our report. Additionally, the report includes references and photos for clarity if possible. We also describe the locations properly to make referring to our report easier.


When to schedule an inspection

An inspection of a new home should be done within 30 days of the completion of the home. That’s the time when issues can be identified early and corrected promptly. Alternatively, this inspection can be performed 10 to 11 months after the completion of the construction process. In most cases, warranty of a new home expires after 12 months. The inspection can also be performed during the house pre-delivery inspection. Issues that are not identified at this time can be checked within 30 days.


Professional advice

We don’t just inspect a new home and leave the owner to decide what to do. Our experienced inspectors provide recommendations and advise new homeowners accordingly. That’s because our focus is on ensuring that our clients live in safe and properly built homes. As such, we recommend the most appropriate ways to fix the problems that we identify during the inspection. We guide homeowners and builders on how to enhance home efficiency, durability, and comfort. Our home inspectors also recommend the most appropriate ways to have issues resolved efficiently and professionally.

TrueView has inspected many new homes in Winnipeg, Manitoba over the years. We have earned a sterling reputation by providing the most accurate inspections. Call us now to schedule all of your brand new home inspections!

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