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Electrical Inspections Winnipeg

Scheduling an electrical inspection in Winnipeg enables you to protect people in your building or home from electrical hazards. When getting a building permit or a development permit, you will be required to get at least a single inspection. Nevertheless, several inspections will be needed for most renovation or construction projects.

TrueView Home Inspections provides professional inspections of electrical systems. We know that thorough knowledge and vast experience are required to meet safety codes for this work. As such, our inspection service is provided by professionally trained, experienced, and licensed experts. Essentially, all electrical contractors are required to have a license.

Our electrical system inspection caters for different needs of property owners.

These include:

  • Inspection of installation of switches, outlets, smoke detectors, baseboards, and exhaust fans among others.

  • Inspection of new electrical equipment installation such as water heaters, heat pumps, saunas, air conditioning, and whirlpools among others.

  • Inspection of changes and upgrades of electrical equipment and services.

  • Inspection of electrical systems in new homes, after renovations, and in additions.  


Whether you do the electrical work yourself or enlist the service of an electrical contractor, all electrical changes and installations should be inspected for purposes of compliance with the electrical safety code. Our service caters for the inspection needs of offices, private homes, income properties, and industrial buildings.


Our service is tailored around the specific needs of a property owner. We focus on catering for the unique requirements of a client and their electrical system. Whether you want us to inspect your power metering or perform a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection, count on us to do the job professionally while ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. We are authorized and competent electrical inspectors with a vast industry experience. Count on us to provide an independent inspection and recommendations.

To schedule an inspection for your electrical system, get in touch with us now!

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