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Porch & Deck Inspection Winnipeg

Porches and decks are essential exterior structures of many modern homes. However, failure to monitor these structures limits their durability. In some cases, they become a health or safety hazard to their users. As such, existing decks and porches should be inspected because winter can wreak havoc on them. Heavy snow and strong winds can warp wood and create pressure points on them. These environmental elements can also ruin their decorative features like stains. That’s why it’s reasonable to schedule a porch and deck inspection with professionals to maintain safety. During the inspection, potential problems are identified and fixed before they make these structures unsafe.

Many decks collapse during summer if they are not inspected and repaired immediately after winter.

While performing the inspection, our inspectors look out for the following:

  • Flaking or cracking masonry

  • Rotted wood, chipping paint, and wood-earth contact

  • Structures that have separated from a house or settled structures


A newly built deck or porch should also be inspected thoroughly. That’s because even newly built structures can have imperfections. Professional inspectors ensure that all your worries come to an end by letting you know that for sure, your structure is in good condition.


TrueView Home Inspections provides professional deck and porch inspection services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our inspectors are highly experienced to handle inspections of different outdoor structures. We know that protecting your life and that of your family members is your priority. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience that enables them to easily know what is wrong with your deck or porch.

Our inspectors will examine every connection that plays a role in keeping your structure standing. We will check joists, posts, nails, and beams as well as other construction materials. Our inspectors know that one point of weakness or failure can be very dangerous. Therefore, we are very thorough when inspecting decks and porches. We observe high industry standards while doing the job. Count on our inspectors to identify and recommend appropriate ways to fix cracks, tears, and other types of damage in your structure.

Regardless of the size, age, or the material of your deck or porch, we give the inspection job the attention that it deserves. Our commitment to provide superior inspections has earned us a sterling reputation among property owners. Many property owners have hired our inspection service regularly because we are committed to ensuring their ultimate satisfaction.

Among the things that set our service apart include:

  • We don’t employ pressure sales methods

  • No-obligation consultations

  • Service warranties

  • Free estimates


Our team understands that you may be hesitant to enlist our inspection service due to the involved cost. As such, we have made our service affordable and easily accessible. We take your safety very seriously and so should you. Though your deck might be one of the most enjoyable areas of your home, poorly maintained and improperly installed decks can cause serious accidents. Don’t let this happen in your property.

Contact TrueView now to schedule your porch and deck inspection in Winnipeg, Manitoba today!

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