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Basement and Crawl Space Inspection Winnipeg

A dirty crawl space or a wet basement can stall a lucrative home sale deal. A poorly insulated crawl space and basement can account for almost half of the lost heat in a home. These are just some of the reasons to schedule a professional basement and crawl space inspection service. Although these areas are less used in some homes, they should be carefully inspected to determine whether they could be increasing energy expenses or even lowering the value of a home. In most cases, homeowners are surprised on learning about the amount of energy that they have been losing through poor crawl space and basement insulation.


Our inspection service

TrueView Home Inspections provides comprehensive inspections for crawl spaces and basements. This includes identification of the exposed areas in the basement and entry areas. In some cases, basement stairs are in bad condition because of poor maintenance. These become safety hazards. Therefore, our basement inspection entails examination of the entire structure in relation to safety and functionality.

We also check the crawlspace for exposed areas of the structural framing, the floor, and foundation wall. The floor of a crawl space is very important regardless of what it is made of. Therefore, our inspectors check the crawl space floor for heavy moisture or standing water penetration. These can cause rotting of wood in the crawl space. We also check the crawl space ventilation to ensure that it is sufficient. That’s because good ventilation enhances proper moisture regulation in a crawl space thereby deterring wood rot.

Additionally, our inspectors check the crawl space for wood rot. Wood rot is mostly caused by moisture and water problems. Finally, we look for electric and plumbing problems in the crawl space. This entails checking for plumbing issues and damaged electric wires that are common in the crawl space due to poor maintenance or lack of inspection.


Book a full home inspection appointment now!  

Crawl space and basement inspections are essential for a property energy audit. They also play a very important role when it comes to enhancing indoor comfort and reducing energy costs.

Call us now to book an appointment for the inspection of the basement and crawl space of your property in Winnipeg!

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