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Air Conditioner Inspection Winnipeg

A lot of energy goes into powering an air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, a lot of this energy goes into waste if the unit is not inspected and maintained on regular basis. Air conditioning inspection provides a chance to identify areas that could lead to inefficiency in the operations and energy usage by an air conditioning unit. As such, inspection and subsequent maintenance enables your air conditioning system to stay competitive and save you money.

TrueView Home Inspections is an accredited provider of AC inspections in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We offer an AC inspection service to small, medium, and large property owners across the region. Whether you want to buy a used home or to simply know the current condition of your air conditioning unit, we will inspect it for you and provide a comprehensive report.

Any existing air condition system should be inspected on a regular basis. A typical air conditioning unit consumes about 30% of energy and this percentage increases if no maintenance is done. Therefore, regular inspections should be done to ensure that the air conditioning system is in proper condition and using energy efficiently.

The purpose of A/C inspection is to evaluate your home’s comfort system thoroughly and to provide a detailed report that includes recommendations for the necessary services, improvements, and repairs. Our inspection covers different system components.

These include:

  • Furnace

  • Home ducting

  • Air conditioner coils and condenser

  • Heat pump where applicable

  • Thermostat


This inspection is basically the first step towards re-energizing your air conditioning system. We have been inspecting air conditioning systems for decades and we know what to check. Our certified technicians are ready to diagnose your A/C system in a safe, friendly, and professional manner. Count on us to help you reduce the costs of running your building and meet legal obligations with our responsive inspection service.

Call us now to discuss your A/C inspection service!

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